ANNA VENTURE International Burlesque Artist
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Talking business
Anna Venture
-offers Classic & Neo Burlesque acts, including LED costumes and fire shows.

-has got 10 years of stage experience as an Oriental Dancer.

-completed the Bachelorette of Burlesque Program at the Berlin Burlesque Academy in 2015 including trainings by Marlene von Steenvag, Ginger Synne and Clea Cutthroat.

-attended various workshops with international performers like Miss Sina King, Erochica Bamboo and Kitty Gowild.

-eats glitter for breakfast!
The adventures of Anna Venture
Once upon a time, Anna grew up in an enchanted town in Luxemburg, where a small rainbow-coloured glitter kitten put her spell on Anna.

This spell should not show its effects for a long time, but eventually at the age of a million trillion years (I know, she seems so young!) it started affecting here life in crazy ways.
Getting ready to become a teacher, Anna just felt that there is more!

She got a fever to travel the world! On her trip she felt the paralyzing cold winds in the Antarctic, slept in the deserts of India, where she danced with scorpions and snakes in the golden full moon light, got accepted as a goddess amongst Ganesha and Kali and she has her wall paintings hanging in the most secret Buddhist temples of Thailand. One day in the jungle of Brazil, Anna witnessed a sloth falling off from a tree and no he did not fall in slow motion! And believe me there is much more. Like, for example, her trips into the worlds of underground hip-hop where she battles every rapper you probably never even heard the name of.

Wow, what a woman!

All of this happened thanks to the little magic kitten. So many crazy impressions and adventures that Anna is gonna wrap into a show act and share them with you on stage. This girl is gonna take you on a crazy adventurous ride through her glitter butterfly-ish Alpaca-Chihuahua-Pink-Smoothie-Kitsch World!

Expect to be puzzled

Expect an adventure

Expect Anna Venture!



WARNING: Anna Venture acts may contain glitter. 

Anna Venture is happy to custom design her performance for your event, to make sure that you get the act that fits your event best. Book now!

From India with Love

Made in India! Book this exotic & colourful Bollywood inspired act and expect a mesmerizing show with a magic finale. Tragedy, love, colours, a light show and a shiny colourful costume are included!

The Girl with the Feather Fans

Very girly, very flirty, very classy. A sensous feather fan dance by Anna Venture!

The Kitsch Kitten!

This is the story of Nyan Cat, a busy kitten, dancing with rainbow fans & flying through far away galaxies with her LED dress. After her adventures, she gets home, and gets ready to go to sleep in her pink fluffy bed. Very lucky audiences can even catch a glimpse of her during playtime. MEOW!

Balloon Birthday Show

No dress, just Ballons, loads of Balloons! Let's get kinky, let's have fun! Every Balloon is hiding a surprise. Glitter, Rose petals, Snow-flakes – it's a blast! A fun act for your birthday party!

The Goddess of Trash

No words! I will upload the video soon. I promise that words are not enough to describe this act!